Sunday, November 18, 2007

Road Trip - 2

The way this trip is going, I (well, we as my good friend Gianinna has decided to come with) are in for a spiritual re-awakening. Not what thought I needed when I started planning, but since thats the way it appears to be shaping up, I'm 'going with the flow' so to speak. Here is my proposed routed, to be started at 5a.m.(or thereabouts) Tuesday.

A long drive North from Miami with a quick stop at Blue Springs State Park (Hopefully Manatees will be there.. I just LOVE those tubby sea-cows)

First night in Brunswick GA, at the Hostel in the Forest, where this awaits me..

Yes.. its a tree-house.
Now, "why would you want to stay in a tree-house Jane?" I hear you ask... Well, simply because its $20 p/n which includes dinner - vegetarian dinner - but dinner none the less.

Besides, it affords me the opportunity to discover rare and distinguished breeds of hens (quite useful if I lived on a farm)..

.. and socialize in the Main Dome..

.. meeting new people (with really big cabbages!)..

It looks a bit like a hippie commune (see, told ya 'spiritual re-awakening'), but its not really - they're world-renowned for their geodesic domes, and besides, they're living in an ecologically fragile spot, so they need to be organic/self-sustaining/recycling hippies etc.

Besides, I was really lured by the their claim of being only 1/2 mile East from the "Best BBQ on the Planet" .. that, and the $20 price tag.

No more posting for a while..


Gia said...

the only thing that confuses me is how can they offer a vegetarian BBQ? the vegetarian and Best BBQ.. can we cook that hen?

Lady Jane said...

Hi Gia,
The BBQ is about 1/2 mile from their location.. being in the deep south, it should be GOOD!
Welcome, btw:-)

Lady Jane said...

I've adjusted its, so hopefully that clears up any confusion:-)

kim-d said...

Lovin' that huge cabbage!!! :) But, to be honest, what I really want you to report on when you get back is the BBQ! Have a great time with the hippies!

Lady Jane said...

Hi Kim.. thank you, and I will:)

Tuscan Tony said...

Wow! That looks like a fun trip, LJ. You're not quite going north enough to make Tuscan Tony seriously envious - I've always wanted to visit Plum Point on the Pamlico river to dig around a bit for some poirate treasure:

I also think the pic of your cabbage-toting ZZ Top impressionists has the makings of a seriously good caption compo.

Lady Jane said...

Hi TT, how are you?

I'm thinking Caption Competition with your 2003 Vino - or 2007 OO - for the prize.. GOOD idea!

..Of course, as host, I would be ineligible for any prize winnings:-(

I shall look up the Plumb River area.. I can see Herc doing the pirate jig, but for some reason, I have a hard time imagining you!

electro-kevin said...

"We went to have some facial waxing but they wouldn't lettuce in."