Thursday, October 25, 2007

UFO Sighting?

I love taking pictures, and take a lot of them. Currently, I seem to be fixated on the sky (and Willow) and take an inordinate amount (well, I do have a 2GB card) while I try to capture the moment. Anyway, today, the sky looked like it used to in England, just after/before a snow. Now, even with the slight cool in the morning air, we all know this ain't gonna happen in Miami, but I still snapped a picture... where did that 'orb' come from?? (There is nothing but clouds to the naked eye).

Bemused, I quickly snapped another...
Still there! And, it looks like its... yes, it's moving!

OMG! Its STILL there.. bottom left corner for all you fogies that need glasses!

Very, very strange. Maybe I should alert the Herald??


45govt said...

Very odd! Thought it was the moon, but can't be. Going to have to give this some thought.

Lady Jane said...

That's what I thought at first, but I couldn't see it, so how could the camera? Then.. there is the movement of the orb to consider.. I snapped these photos within minutes of each other.

Off topic, glad to see you've mastered the art of the profile photo! We're all waiting with bated breath for your first post however, as you do seem to have quite a lot to rant.. oops... say!

Lady Jane said...

Going off to have your breckie more like!

Hercules said...

How very odd!

Hope all is well with you today?


Lady Jane said...

Doing good today - thank you - Glad you came back.. I enjoyed our 'chats'yesterday!

killemallletgodsortemout said...

Great set of pics. I thought it had to be the moon, too, but your reply to 45 says it all. So, I give up.

Just thought I'd say hello.

BTW, 45? Rant? Naaaaaar!

Lady Jane said...

Welcome back killem!
I am still at work, HORRID day, glad to see you visited.xx