Tuesday, October 30, 2007


The other day, I wrote a little blog post entitled 'Friday Foto Diary', which I thought was a fascinating insight into the inner workings of a major newspaper. I went deep - into the bowels of the building so to speak - just to bring the processes of newspaper production to life for you, my readers, all 4 of you.
It was some of my best work, even if I do say so myself.

Well, during that post.. as an off note really, I mentioned 'Daisy' who is a co-worker of mine. Well, Ms. Daisy proved to be quite popular. In fact, she stirred up a bit of a frenzy (or at least, I hope that was all) among my male readers to the point where I received 18 comments (okay, at least 1/2 were mine.. but still!!) The main topic.. you guessed it: "Daisy's so pretty!", "More Daisy!" "Tell Daisy she's..... !" I'm sure you get the picture.

Never mind all my technical know how! That was forgotten & ignored *sniff, sniff* compared to totty! Unbelievable.

Since all you want is Daisy, that's fine... but I'm adding a few of her friends too! So there!

Daisy... posing.

Big Hair Daisy

Here's Sunnie. She's stunning...

She could be a model... don't you think?

Here's the delightful Kirsten.. she doesn't work here anymore, and I miss her....

She was one of the funniest, nicest people I have ever met..

Now, BACK OFF... no more Daisy!!!

Hat Tip to Jenny Romney for the cool photos.


Hercules said...

Another great post Jane!

I believe that this will be another popular post on your wonderful blog! Regards to Daisy

Lady Jane said...

Daisy (who sits next to me) says hello right back at ya!

xxx (she's an affectionate sort!

Hercules said...

well thats made my day!

And you can tell her so too...

Daisy said...

To Hercules,
Daisy :O)
You brightened my day too!

Lady Jane said...

Now, now.. wer're NOT myspace are we??

Hercules said...

So who took the photos of dear Daisy??

Your right Jane your not a myspace page, you are far more up-scale and interesting than that and that's why your adored by many!

Hercules said...

Thanks Daisy!


Lady Jane said...

The photos are Jenny Romney's.. brilliant photographer who also works with us. Check her out at:

Hercules said...

Great photos of the beautiful Daisy! Please send on my compliments.

Jane thank you for those! I hope you are having a great day??


Anonymous said...

Jane, that is one of the most beautiful things anyone could ever say about me. I love the way you put words together...simply perfect. I miss you. I miss you very much!